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Why Website Maintenance is important?

By April 26, 2020No Comments

Many a times client’s get their website developed, designed, up and running with an initial thought process that they will maintain the website as they move along in their work/ business.

Most often client’s do the maintenance work but it is not consistent and eventually they fall short on keeping the website up to date in sync with their current business affairs, it’s not their fault, its all about priority …

Even though having a good website is an priority, it is always a second priority to keep it updated even when it is important, and this is why we recommend that you should always have a annual maintenance contract i.e AMC for atleast a year or two to keep your website fresh and updated.

So what exactly does AMC will benefit you – well here I will cover what is offered at Vevaan …

  • Content updation.
  • New pages creation ( only if website is designed by Vevaan, reason being when we design your website we provide best visual design editors which help us to design as many pages as we want without affecting any design elements of the site.)
  • Theme updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Blog content updates
  • Security of website
  • Backups
  • And last but not the least, close watch on the website to keep it smooth and functional.

Our charges are lowest at the moment we charge just $699 per year, and with it comes all the above services, with extra premium services, want to know more ? contact us here and let’s see how we can make your life easy.

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