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Why use wordpress as your CMS?

By June 21, 2020No Comments

There are many articles written on this topic, its like David vs Goliath … but seriously why to use wordpress as cms for your website ?

There are many reasons, I am going to highlight few of them which I personally feel are very important when it comes to developing and design your website –

  • Easy to install, use, host.
  • Easy to secure, gone are the days when wordpress was vulnerable, now with top class hosting, security plugins; one can easily maintain a good compact wordpress site.
  • Affordable plugins, themes to use, easily customizable custom code, develop custom functionality.
  • Developers are easy to find when it comes to do custom development. (P.S – If you have any website requirement or design requirement, I can do it for 🙂 )
  • Responsive themes, plugins easily available and can be used without having to waste time in writing or converting site in responsive mode.
  • Custom fonts can be used/ installed easily in your website, without any extra coding efforts.

If you have any need or require any help or have question related to your website, hosting, logo, branding, feel free to drop an email to me here

My consultation is free of charge by the way ….

So next time you need a site, hands down go with wordpress…. and get in touch with me for your design and development needs 😉


Signing off… for now !!


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