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Why use H tags in your website?

By November 14, 2019April 26th, 2020No Comments

Today’s post is all about why use H tags in your website? … Let’s see what the experts have to say ..

“We do use H tags to understand the structure of the text on a page better” John Mueller, Google 2015

“The six heading elements, H1 through H6, denote section headings. Although the order and occurrence of headings is not constrained by the HTML DTD, documents should not skip levels (for example, from H1 to H3), as converting such documents to other representations is often problematic.W3C

Does Google consider H Tags ?

“We do use H tags to understand the structure of the text on a page better.” John Mueller, Google


“Google looks at a lot of different things we look at over 200 things PageRank is just one of them whenever we rank things other things we use things in the title things in the URL even you know things that are like really highlighted like h1 tags and stuff like that.” Matt Cutts, Google

There is no limit to use H Tags on your website …

That’s all for today … i am keeping it simple, short and time saving articles. I hope you are clear on why H Tags are very important for current web designing work.

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