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How to use google font effectively on your website?

By August 8, 2021No Comments

Google fonts are almost used by every designer nowadays for every site which is being designed and developed. Thanks to Google … that due to their initiative font designers are getting recognition, and the best part is we can use some really nice fonts for free on our website.

Now here comes the main question how to use google fonts effectively on any website? may it be WordPress, Joomla, or any custom web application. When we select a font on Google Fonts we get the link tag of that font which we can either enter in our CSS file or we can put in the header file of our website or web application.

But is this the only way and best way to render google fonts? When we enter the CSS link it has been observed that the load time of our site does get affected, even if you have a dedicated server or VPS, the load time of your site does get affected.

So let’s see how we can effectively use google fonts without hampering the speed and quality of our site.

All you have to do is insert the below script in your footer file, and just mention your google font name and font-weight as shown in the example below.

Download Google Fonts Script

Just make sure that the font name is correct as you see on Google Fonts, in the above script you can add as many fonts you want, and then simply mention that font in the CSS file.

This script will load your fonts properly, with great speed, and is way better than entering link tag for your font in the CSS file.

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