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How to serve images faster for your website ?

By November 8, 2019April 26th, 2020No Comments

When it comes to websites which have more images or best example a ecommerce platform where images play a big role in your business, the main concern is how to serve the images as fast as possible when the site is getting rendered.

There are a several methods, ways and approach and there many articles as well on this topic, but I will still share my method which I think is better and it saved a lot of time and money for me when I was working for a client on their ecommerce platform.

So how to render images faster when your server is not a cloud server, not a dedicated server or a vps or even the server is not that great in configuration….

In such cases, we keep the website file on the server and we keep images separate, so where do we keep the images? To host the images we will use Amazon S3 bucket. Yes! we will upload all images from your wordpress backend to cloud server.

This approach will save a lot of time, money at your end, images will be loaded from a cloud server which will be nearby to the visitor’s location thus saving their bandwidth, your server will perform better as it will now just have to render basic code level files.

But before this, there is one important step which most people forget to do, and that is resizing images before even using and uploading them to your website, use this tool to resize your images and to optimize images use this

Remember, even if you are using a cloud environment to serve images, you still can save money, when you resize your images and keep the size low during uploading it will ultimately save you some serious money.

We follow all simple and easy techniques which at the end can be performed by our clients, get in touch with us for your web related project, ecommerce, web design, we are happy to serve you and answer any question you may have.

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