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I am going to keep this article short simple and to the point, while the legal document is vast, click here

To keep your website ADA Compliant, make sure your website has the following  –

  • Your website content is readable, responsive and adjustable for all screen sizes.
  • ALT TEXT for images is provided.
  • Videos if any on your website should have caption.
  • No broken url links.
  • No dead beat tags.
  • Readable color formatting.
  • Validation errors for lead forms, and should be readable.
  • Proper names to buttons, links etc.
  • Smooth scrolling without script errors.
  • Maintain a good contrast ratio between text and the background.

I have covered basic but important items, make sure you have these on your website, also go over  the link i have given above.

Contact us for your web related projects, we can make sure that your website is compliant in all respects and aspects with good intuitive design standards.

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