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How to handle quarantine and covid19?

By May 2, 2020No Comments

I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy !! So how to handle this quarantine and covid19 situation ? I am going to share some points which I am following myself which is helping me, see if it helps you as well –

  • Stay away from Alcohol !!! right … you being at home doesn’t mean you have to gulp down that scotch or single malt or beer …. maintain discipline, once a month and no more than 180ml whisky or 2 beers.
  • Be nice with your children, and more importantly be nice to your wife, parents, brother’s sisters if any … No verbal or physical abuse.
  • Learn something in your time, I am learning piano, find your liking and learn it, make this time count….
  • Eat your dinner by 8-9pm and go to bed, read a book or a article in your bed, sleep early and get up early.
  • Do yoga in your morning for not more than 1 hours, google SURYANAMASKAR yoga and do that 20-30 reps, see the blessing you will get from the SUN.
  • If you are working from home, be honest and maintain a timeline of your work.
  • If you are not working then make sure you are not throwing tantrums about your loss to your family members, remember you are not the only one suffering here, we all are, and we have to maintain our cool … DONT FORGET !! BE NICE TO YOUR KIDS, WIFE, TO YOUR FAMILY.
  • Plan 90 days of post COVID19 strategy, remember being with your family is a blessing, rest your body, mind, soul and plan.
  • Pray atleast once in your whole day.
  • Eat atleast one fruit in your whole day.
  • Take care of your family …..


Signing off …. take care and god bless.

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